“It’s going well!”

Max Blokzijl.
The title of Max Blokzijl‘s weekly political talk, which will be broadcasted today, Monday, June 19th, at 6:45 pm on Hilversum 1, is: “It‘s going well“. – 19-6-44

Max Blokzijl still appeases
His NSB followers on the radio,
And tonight, at a quarter to seven,
He speaks about “It’s going well”.

I would very much like to hear him,
But I no longer have a radio set,
It was ,
And this fact depresses me,

Because I would much like to know,
Why does Max Blokzijl actually think
That things are going so well
And so darn well, while

Everywhere though fascism
Is taking heavy blows,
Max Blokzijl, this optimism
Of yours seems a bit wrong to me.

And in France and Italy
And in the East, blow after blow,
Hitler’s downfall is approaching,
Always closer, day by day.

And he will meet his end,
When I look at everything carefully,
I must truly say as well:
It’s going well – but … not for you.

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman