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The “Reichsschulen”

What does “Reichsschule” mean?
Since 1933, in various regions of Germany, Reichsschulen have been established under the name “National-political educational institutions” (NPEA). The term Reichsschule was first used outside of Germany and will likely also be adopted in Germany because it excellently reflects the purpose and meaning of these institutions. Besides the Netherlands, there are currently two Reichsschulen in Flanders and one in Norway. – 2-6-44

The Reichsschule is not a German but a Greater German matter, and therefore, we, the Dutch, are very much involved in it! The standard applied in the careful selection process is that the boys should be above average in body and mind, character, and hereditary health. Racial purity is the foundation on which we must build, and in this respect, our people, with their strong North-Aryan blood, can make a significant contribution to the Reichsschulen! In external and internal attitude, gaze, and stature, the boys should be among the best representatives of our race. And closely connected with this are the high demands placed on the physical and mental hereditary health of the young candidates. Attitude and demeanor, gaze and tone, in sports and games, examinations and interrogations, reveal to the educator in this time of careful selection and probation what character lies within the young boy. And if later something low or mean comes to light, all his merits in the field of study, sports, and otherwise will not prevent him from being expelled from the school. Anyone who lies will be irrevocably expelled! – 3-6-44

The German Übermensch dream
Spreads in the minds of some teachers,
The present hardly corresponds to it,
Yet in their soft brains

These fellows delude themselves,
They could breed Übermenschen
Germanic-noble, racially pure
And because they believe it, they establish

„Reichsschulen“ for intellect and sport
In the Reich-occupied lands
As true Nazi kindergarten
And there they want to change the students

In character and physically
To the ideal type of the Germanic
And free from any flaws or deception,
Equal in body and soul to the ancestors

Blue-eyed and blond is what they want
Developing a race of warriors
They want to discover the future leaders
For the homeland and the front.

The German full-blood noble breeding
Works on the Führer’s race,
It controls, it examines,
It selects the best from the masses.

Tall and physically free
From defects one must be
Who is dark-haired and small,
Will not come to these founts of knowledge.

He remains banished and may not
Quench his thirst at the Germanic source,
Because he doesn’t correspond to their racial ideals,
He lacks these lofty gifts.

But the remaining in such
Race-breeding institutions
Depends not only on the Germanic body,
But also on the spiritual behavior.

There one must be noble and good
And helpful, not cunningly deceitful,
Open and honest and full of courage,
Ready to take on responsibility.

The lie is despised, hated
And is punished with all severity,
Whoever lies once, will be expelled,
For him, the career is over.

Goebbels is already much too old
I thought when reading these theses,
Otherwise, for such a Reich institution
He would have been the ideal student.

Because he is blond and tall and straight,
The ideal of the Nazi educators
And then the most important thing: he has
Never lied in his life …

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig