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Revenge Comedy

The German troops, who heard the fact
Of the invasion,
Were enthusiastic and delighted,
It is almost

– reported the DNB recently –
not to describe in words,
how happy and satisfied they were,
for it couldn’t continue like that.

When the German troops on the Channel coast were informed early Tuesday morning about the beginning of the Anglo-American invasion, they were filled with great enthusiasm, as the D.N.B. learns. They have been waiting for this moment for many months. The troops could hardly wait for the order to fight, so impatient were they to finally catch the enemy, who had kept them waiting for so long. – 7-6-44

And when they read this news snippet
One could easily conclude
That even more than us, apparently,
The German gentlemen are pleased.

The Germans are crazy about it,
To engage in combat very quickly,
They found the long wait rotten
And they will enjoy themselves

When they go into battle soon,
They will be unstoppable
It will be tough for many British soldiers
You can rely on that.

Just as the horses in their stables
Often impatiently wait,
The German armed forces do the same
At the Atlantic Wall.

Their courage is proud, their courage is great
And proud and unrestrained
A certain death sentence awaits the Brits
Their attempt will be thwarted.

The mood, it is excellent,
The mood is outstanding,
Because everyone knows, at last
Reckoning will finally come.

So their heroism has been
Described to us in great detail
We thought, it doesn’t seem like an army anymore,
This is a horde of lions.

For Eisenhower, it’s a blow
As there go all his plans
He will never be able to cope
Even with so many men.

He, as we believed,
Looses surely all his people
Yet he managed to capture a bridge
And that keeps getting bigger.

Soon he will certainly win Cherbourg,
Only a matter of days,
A real challenge for many a German,
And hard to endure.

The people became down, the people became angry
And couldn’t sleep at night anymore
And that’s why they now take out of the box
The revenge weapons

The German mood became fatal,
That one wishes to prevent
And therefore they shoot over the channel
Some rockets.


The war correspondent of the D.N.B. in the West, Alex Schmalfuss, reports: the use of a new kind of projectiles against England has caused extraordinary enthusiasm among the soldiers of all branches of the armed forces, especially among the divisions fighting in Normandy. Although the fighting spirit of the German soldiers is beyond any praise, it has undoubtedly increased due to the announcement in today‘s Wehrmacht report. – 17-6-44

And with such fireworks they try
To divert attention
And make their herd happy,
Willing to keep fighting.

They would gladly hear that London burns
And derive such pleasure from it,
That they willingly endured
The pain of their own country.

The fire of London strengthens their hearts,
They are happy and possessed
Their own suffering, their own pain
They suddenly forgot.

London faces the
Same fate as Berlin,
The British capital is being destroyed,
The British are lost.

Just as many times before
People believe in a miracle,
Hope and confidence are back,
But soon they‘ll be without them again.

When the retribution frenzy fades
People come surely to their senses,
Because Hitler won’t achieve
Victory, no matter how much he lies.

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman