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The Rocket Song

A week ago, the retaliation against the murderers and arsonists of Europe began: not in furious rage, but in calculated military planning. At the moment when hundreds of thousands of soldiers’ mouths daily await tons of food from the South English ports, when hundreds of thousands of hands need weapons and weapons require ammunition, and countless pleas for medication echo, at this very moment, mysterious meteors shoot across the Channel, sowing death and destruction, fear and dismay hour after hour. In the harbor cities of South England and in the city that serves as the artery of the invasion organism, the potentially doomed London. Retaliation against the criminal Albion begins to unfold as a side effect of a military action against the rearward connections of the invading forces, an action for which the fiction-mongers on the other side of the water have, as of now, brought forth no defense other than a screen of futile words and an „iron curtain“ of equally impotent anti-aircraft grenades. – June 21, 1944

They believed the war was already lost
And envisioned a new Versailles
But now it seems salvation is born,
They believe in victory anew

Hope and faith grew for them,
All of Germany is full of confidence,
The final victory can no longer be stolen,
Why not? Well, don‘t you know?

Those are the German rockets.
They reduce London to rubble,
They ignite fires and they kill
And England will definitely be smashed

The airplanes without pilot
Eerily cut through the air,
In London, there‘s a multitude of dead
The Thames city resembles a tomb.

Hamburg on the Elbe is destroyed,
Cologne and Berlin lie in ruins,
And today London receives the same,
The German rockets, they come

Those are, etc.

Eisenhower trembles and shakes,
Montgomery is anxious too,
They see, this cannot go on forever,
Because Hitler anyhow triumphs.

The invasion troops remained
In France without provisions,
For weapons and food are across the water,
Burned in the English harbor.

Those are, etc.

In Germany, today the creed is,
Nothing can surely harm us now,
We have the miracle torpedo,
The English will soon see.

Yes, rejoice in your retaliation,
Nothing will be given to the English,
But just don‘t catch a cold,
If the war turns out differently from what you think.

Final refrain:
Just believe your Nazi prophets
And fall for their deceit,
The world will soon repay you
For your rockets and your crimes.

Post-Editing: Ernst Sittig, Sylvia Stawski