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Host Adolf

The Residence of the Belgian King.
An official announcement in the Belgian press reveals that a change in the residence of the Belgian king has taken place. In connection with the bombing of the royal palace in Laken, where the king has been staying since his capitulation, the Führer, according to the official statement, felt obliged to ensure the safety of the king and his closest relatives. A different residence has been designated for the king, one that, as the announcement goes on to state, is worthy of his rank and position. – 16-6-44

The Führer is a good man,
I can stand him well,
Even King Leopold, he can,
Certainly not complain

When Leopold surrendered
And thus ceased the fighting,
Adolf sent him, it was a surprise,
To his palace in Laken

He was captured, as is known,
But he was treated well
And in simple civilian clothes,
He strolled through the park.

And Leopold thought satisfied:
I have a great accommodation,
This Adolf is only half as bad,
I do feel like a king.

He could have comfortably
Remained sitting in his chamber,
But England did not care,
Because the vile Brits

Dropped their bombs
On the king’s palace recently
For Leopold, that was quite unpleasant,
You all understand that

And Adolf was very worried
About the king’s life,
So he decided to move him
Quickly to a new residence

For the sake of his safety,
He had him brought to Germany,
The Brits, those rascals,
Will never go there, that’s a fact.

The king is not a hostage,
How can anyone think such a thing,
No, that’s definitely not true,
Not a finger will be laid on him.

No, Leopold is very happy
About Adolf’s good care,
He even gets an egg for breakfast
Every Sunday morning.

At Adolf’s place, no guest is a burden,
He offers them great hospitality,
Only those who become a guest
Cannot determine their place of residence.

Even though one doesn’t feel particularly free,
His service is excellent,
And when the war is over,
He will be held accountable.

Our queen thinks with regret
At this moment in London,
I would have found more sociability
In Krautland.

You really get a splendid residence there,
And feel extremely safe,
Because Adolf respects the life and well-being
Of his guests as sacred …

Post-Editing: Ernst Sittig, Sylvia Stawski