2nd volume, no. 32, Page 2
2nd volume, no. 32, Page 3

cover / introduction

July 20, 1944

Alongside propaganda phrases,
Strange smells emerge
From the German kitchen,
And we wrinkle our noses,

Thinking of the Danish state,
Of which Hamlet has spoken,
Where it also smelled very foul
During those times.

From the much-praised unity,
A new reading is obtained,
It turns out to be a mere illusion today,
Decay is the reality.

No one believes that he has the trust
And the love of the people,
Adolf Hitler can only build
Upon the power of bayonets

Of the SS and the Gestapo,
Once again, they’re killing very industriously,
Today we experience a Da Capo
Of that night from ‘34.

Heads must roll again,
Officers, generals,
Who don’t want things the way Hitler does,
Get their souls driven out of their bodies.

One wages one’s war in the West,
One wages one’s war in the East,
And in the South, with remnants,
Kesselring is still on duty.

War outward and inward,
Hatred of Hitler and wild fermentation,
And they mock the aggravation,
And still want to win the war.

I must say, the German national community
Is quite vague,
Beside a few Nazis
I don’t see anything but hostility against Hitler.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig