2nd volume, no. 35, Page 8
2nd volume, no. 35, Page 9

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It Will Be Over Soon!

From the headquarters of the Führer, June 28th
Orsja and Witebsk evacuated
From the headquarters of the Führer, July 4th
Minsk and Polodsk surrendered.
Wilna evacuated. July 14th
Pinsk evacuated.
Headquarters of the Führer, July 14th. (D.N.B.).
Grodno evacuated July 17th
Pleskau and Ostrow evacuated. July 23rd
The city of Lublin lost. July 27th
Lemberg, Brest-Litowsk, Bialystok, and Duenaburg evacuated. July 28th
Kowno evacuated. July 31st
Etc. etc. etc.

Just look at our German warriors,
Just look at our Stuka pilots,
They defeat everything one, two, three
Hitler’s Germany is the victor,
Cheers your Nazi league,
Göbbels, Ribbentrop, and Ley.

But now the Russians are the victors,
Taking Minsk, Pinsk, and Riga,
Instantly by storm,
Your Tiger tank is a bust,
Allied enemy planes rain terror,
Ley and Ribbentrop are pale.

Adolf, leader of your empire,
Adolf was an arch-deceiver,
But now it’s almost over,
War-weary German warriors
Will eventually become wiser,
Nabbing Ribbentrop and Ley.

Post-Editing: Eleonore A. Speckens