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How Will We Get Rid Of Them Later?

Max Blokzijl.
Max Blokzijl speaks in the series Burning Issues to be broadcast on this Thursday, July 6, 1944, on radio station Hilversum 1 at 6:45 PM. The title of this talk is: How will we get rid of them later? – 6-7-44

Mr. Blokzijl has serious concerns,
Mr. Blokzijl is in great distress
He frets about what will happen tomorrow
He frets and he doesn’t know,

He frets and worries
For quite some time now:
When the British come here one day,
“How will we get rid of them later?”

Because they are coming, that‘s for sure,
We wait for it every day,
And when they come, the avenger comes,
For Max, that will be a heavy blow.

What do the British matter to Max Blokzijl,
Even if they stay here for years
As guests in our little country,
He couldn’t care less.

He must pay with his life,
No matter how much it might sadden him now,
For all the wrongs he has done,
Max Blokzijl will lose his life.

As soon as the British come one day,
Justice will be served to him, and swiftly,
He won‘t have to worry anymore,
They’ll hang him from the first tree.

People are singing it from the rooftops,
And everyone, everyone is delighted,
Because everyone knows, soon we‘ll be rid of
Blokzijl and the Krauts.

Post-Editing: Eleonore A. Speckens