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The Gospel According to Goebbels

I have just returned from a visit of several days to the Führer‘s headquarters. I have heard all the reports and accounts of the eyewitnesses, and have inspected the room where the attack took place. I can only say that if the rescue of the Führer from the gravest danger to his life was not a miracle, then there are no miracles at all.
I am not ashamed to admit that I am a human who believes in history, that is to say, I believe that history has meaning and a logic that may often become clear only later. This also makes me immune to the danger of doubting, even if only now and then, that despite all difficulties, we will still achieve victory in this war in the end. My faith in the profound meaning of history received confirmation once again on July 20th. Adherents of historical materialism may smile about it, but I am nonetheless firmly convinced that fate has taken the Führer under its merciful protection in this tragic moment, as it still wishes to keep him ready at hand for a great future. And I have the feeling that our entire people hold the same conviction. How else could it be possible that such a dark day could provide such a tremendous impulse to a nation?

Adolf was lucky again
And escaped death.
The assassination attempt didn’t work,
What more could one wish for.

The Nazi bigwigs feel
they‘ve been spared for now,
If it were different, I believe surely,
You would already have peace.

The peace you desire so much,
Depends on Hitler’s death,
As long as he lives, the opposite is true
And only through his downfall

Will Germany find peace and become free
And happy again,
But it would create problems
For Göbbels, Göring, Ley, and Himmler.

„Create problems“ is putting it mildly,
It would mean the end for the bigwigs,
That’s why the rescue is embellished,
It has been turned into a legend.

Göbbels was in earlier times,
One knows that, a good Catholic,
And thanks to this past,
As the Third Reich‘s evangelist,

He has almost apostolically
Described the miracle to us,
That Hitler is still alive,
So he says, my dear ones,

This is no blind coincidence, no,
No! This is God’s will,
It must be a sign from heaven,
God has preserved him for us.

And if this were not yet a miracle,
Then miracles don‘t exist
And there would be no more miracles,
For heaven‘s sake.

I swear to you, my fellow countrymen,
I sincerely believe,
That the Führer is a man of God
And that‘s why he has not yet been shot.

Clearly, he was saved
For his great mission,
And if the present is often tough,
Certainly a turning point will come soon.

God still has great plans for him,
And let‘s hope that for that,
With Adolf, we will rise,
I see the heavens open up.

I see a new era
With Germany above all,
Forgotten is today‘s suffering,
The general turmoil,

Forgotten is today‘s misery,
The horrors and the terror,
Hurray, the Führer is not dead,
That‘s why we have confidence.

The crown of our German unity,
The Führer is alive,
And this assassination attempt will give us
A new boost.

There are too few Messerschmitts,
There are too few Stukas,
That‘s why Goebbels shows himself with much wit
As Saint Luke today.

Sometimes he acts quite Matthew-like,
And sometimes like Saint John,
He proclaims Hitler‘s savior-ship,
Yes, Joseph can do it.

He weaves a new halo
Around Hitler‘s head full of scars,
And neatly and precisely he glues
The Third Reich together

With his propaganda kit,
Adolf is the Redeemer,
And yet the cracks are growing
Day by day.

And even if he swears and yells out loudly,
That Adolf is the chosen one,
You get the sense: that he has built on sand,
And has lost the game.

Post-Editing: Eleonore A. Speckens