2nd volume, no. 36, Page 11
2nd volume, no. 36, Page 12

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“Don’t Go Groping in the Dark …”

Don’t go groping in the dark …
Read the daily news in the leading newspaper for the Dutch people
The National Daily
Oude Gracht 172–176, Utrecht
The newspaper that deserves your preference!

Have you sometimes lost your way,
Then don’t be disgruntled
And do not go groping in the dark,
Subscribe soon

To the “Nationale Dagblad”,
That is a great newspaper
So subscribe
Along with “Volk en Vaderland”,

Then you will be fully informed
About everything that is happening
It’s almost impossible to tell,
What this newspaper offers you.

It gives you directions and guidance
And much good news
And many joyful tidings
That you will read with a happy face.

For example: This war
Will continue only for a short time longer
And Germany will win it,
Despite what the whole world may think.

And that almost all here
Support the NSB
Informs this beautiful daily
Every subscriber.

And Mussert and Geelkerken,
They are two fine people,
Who work for our well-being,
So be happy about it

And Rost and van der Vegte
They both are also
Fighters against everything bad,
Free from all blemishes.

You will read of splendor and glory
Of Mussert’s NSB
So do not go groping in the dark
And become a subscriber soon.

The “Nationale Dagblad”
Also provides more paper
Than any other newspaper
And that pleases you,

Because the paper supply
Is truly a sore spot,
The “Nationale Dagblad”
Prevents a paper shortage.

It is, what I whisper to you,
Convenient for the toilet.
So do not go groping in the dark,
But subscribe soon!

Post-Editing: Benno Groeneveld