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“The Greatest Man in the World.”

I might be distressing but, as another reporter from this North American agency suggests, volunteers from other European countries who have been integrated into the German Wehrmacht, some of whom have been taken as prisoners of war in early battles, expressed themselves self-assured as well as confident concerning the German faith for Europe. “We have been told that they are unfortunate slaves pressed into the German Wehrmacht against their will. Those whom we have spoken to, representing various European nationalities, have confirmed to be voluntary comrades of the German armed forces and convinced representatives of the German system in Europe.” From them and from the German prisoners, the phrase „Hitler is the greatest man in the world“ has been heard repeatedly. The prisoners are „exceptionally“ well-equipped with excellent uniforms made from the best material, and nothing indicates a decline in the material quality of the German troops. – 16-6-44

And even if you’re defeated
And in captivity,
You believe in any case
In Adolf’s miraculous power

Despite all storms
May it be as always,
You’re never tremble
And remain loyal to the Führer.

Wherever he leads you,
Whatever he tells you,
You suffer and you fight,
Because no doubt torments you.

The Führer is sublime,
Is idol and hero,
A man with divine gifts,
He knows all about your well-being

Will serve your well-being and will profit you,
And in this you trust,
With him, God will protect you,
And so you accept

The war’s heaviest burdens
With a faithful glance,
And you think your despised
Enemies won’t be victorious.

And you mistrust the critics,
Whilst faith strengthens you,
For you, your Hitler is
The greatest man in the world.

Yes, he is unequaled,
And no one could ever
Match him,
He stands so tall

That Mozart, Schiller, Goethe
Disappear into nothingness,
He plays the first flute
In the brilliance of his light.

And Kant and Schopenhauer
And every philosopher
Ultimately appear foolish
Compared to him.

Beethoven and Dürer too,
Homer, Horace, Catullus,
Are – next to the Führer –
Nothing more than a zero.

There’s no one like him
As a savior and a hero,
He rose from a private soldier
To the greatest man in the world,

Immense is the magnitude,
Immense, what he achieves,
But for you, it’s very unfortunate,
The whole world doesn’t believe in it.

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke