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“It Seems So Insignificant”

Max Blokzijl
In the series “Burning Questions,” Max Blokzijl will deliver his speech on Thursday, 5th January, over Hilversum 1 at 6:45 pm, titled: “It seems so insignificant.” – 5/1 44

It seems so insignificant,
Yet it is not,
Extensively ravaged is
The German territory,

Countless human lives
Extinguished, one takes it lightly,
Only meager information
The press release provides.

It seems so insignificant,
But less than it appears,
The Kraut is not doing well
In France lately.

From the newspapers, we have seen
That Pétain, Laval,
Don‘t get along very well,
What would come out of that.

It seems so insignificant,
At least the Kraut seems
To indicate not much interest
And keeps on pretending

That it doesn’t concern him much,
That things are going wrong in Russia,
They still wish to conceal
That they have lost.

It seems so insignificant,
When today a fascist
Is very anxious and loudly
Still acting as an optimist!

Germany hasn’t lost!
It is so pleasant to hear,
Max lies unashamedly,
We are on to them!

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig