2nd volume, no. 40, Page 9
2nd volume, no. 40, Page 10

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A Tommy Speaks

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You almost got us at Dunkirk,
And almost took over England too,
In ‘40 you almost triumphed,
It would have been almost quite dire for us.

The city of London was almost completely
Destroyed by your airplanes,
Victory would soon be ours, as you sometimes
Reported through newspapers and radio.

Moscow and Leningrad were
Almost within your grasp,
Along with the entire Soviet state,
You surely would have been pleased.

You almost pushed far beyond the Ural,
And crossed the Volga,
But today the Russians have completely
And convincingly defeated you.

You almost had the whole world
Conquerored and almost crushed,
But things turned out differently than you wanted,
And today, you find yourselves in distress.

Once at El Alamein
And almost in Cairo you stood,
Herr Hitler on the Nile, it wasn’t meant to be,
The plans were thwarted.

The Führer, he was almost dead today,
And had he, it would have been better,
As long as he lives, your troubles grow,
And if he dies, they will heal.

Today’s war is almost over,
You started it in Poland,
In Poland, some red regiment stands today,
You’re on the run and the homeland burns,
Started is not yet won.

Post-Editing: Gerd Funke