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Their New Worshippers

Domela Nieuwenhuis and Troelstra – Socialism
When evaluating the socialist movements of years past, one must distinguish between the theoretical doctrines and the practical struggle of men and women pursuing higher ambitions. Although it is true that these initial theories created the conditions to enable some form of struggle, their value must be judged completely different from the struggle itself.
No one has the right to express disapproval of the labor groups that fought for socialism in all countries under the banners of the various forms of Marxism. On the contrary, they deserve recognition and respect from the current generation for their perseverance and great willingness to sacrifice for the struggle. They did what they were able to do. It was not their fault that there were so many flaws in the theory, that they sometimes saw things as too small in some aspects and too large in others, that they resorted to remedies that had to backfire, and that they lacked the strength to truly realize the ideals, conscious and unconscious desires of their followers. Those fifty or sixty years of struggle have not been in vain. They had an impact on material conditions, and as a result they raised the general standard of living. Their failures, too, have had a valuable, instructive effect, in that it allowed us to see things in their proper perception.
And even if it had been different, this period of growth would still be recognized by history as good and grand, because it was during this time that noble, selfless individuals dedicated all their strength to a grand ideal that perhaps was too large and complicated for them to fully comprehend, yet it still lifted them to true human greatness. History has long removed the dust and grime of a tumultuous era of intense struggle from names like Domela Nieuwenhuis and Troelstra.
These general observations about the past had to be mentioned before a more thorough examination of socialist thought. Because every time period is a transition between the present and the past, every new generation is a link in a chain. It is necessary to keep historical context in mind in everything. In world events, nothing exists entirely in isolation. – 9-8-44

Now Domela Nieuwenhuis
And Troelstra are true heroes
Once they were considered scum
And had to suffer the consequences.

They were called “revolutionaries”
They were “demagogues”
People ranted and raved at them
And that was quite logical.

They were hated like the plague
And some people wanted to kill them
But today they‘re held in high regard
And these “reds” are praised

As pioneers of human rights
As true socialists
According to Mussert
They actually were … fascists.

The teachings of Domela Nieuwenhuis
And Troelstra’s ideas
Can now be found with the swastika
Yes, the social forces

They are now with the NSB,
There people honor the tradition
So workers, join
And draw the conclusion:

Only national socialism
Is true socialism,
All else is wrong,
Away with the International,

To SDAP and Unions,
Marxism, communism,
Salvation comes from the National Labor Front,
And from fascism.

And if Domela Nieuwenhuis
And Troelstra were alive today,
Then they wouldn’t have remained red
Just like the late Duijs.

They’d cheer ‚Houzee‘ today,
And would be fascists
and members of the NSB
and anti-bolshevists.

When I read this, I can’t believe it,
For if they were still alive,
I would not bet a dime
that they would be alive for long.

They would quickly have been caught,
Their work would have been banned,
And then they would have been brought to a camp
to be killed there.

Post-Editing: Benno Groeneveld