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The Bolshevik Atrocities

The newspapers in Madrid report with horror and consternation on the propagandistic activity displayed in terms of membership and influence by the growing Communist Party in Italy. In recent weeks, pamphlets have been distributed to attendees of church services in Rome, Naples, and other cities, and some of these pamphlets were reprinted in the Spanish papers. One of these pamphlets contains the following statement: “When Stalin’s friends conquer Rome, the so-called Holy Father, just like ‘God‘s Son,’ will die on the cross. Turn away from him in time, otherwise you must keep him company, just like the murderers on the cross.” Another pamphlet states: “In Soviet Italy, there will be no churches.” A report published in Madrid also indicates that the individuals behind this propaganda are not limiting themselves to words. This report reveals that groups of communists invaded about ten churches in Naples and its surroundings, pulling down crosses and sacred images and offering them to the flames of a large bonfire.
In some districts, the communists have managed to establish significant influence over food distribution. People known as faithful churchgoers are simply denied the issuance of ration cards. Even at these distribution offices, pamphlets are used, containing messages like: “The Pope also helped raise your breadbasket”and “Commit yourselves a man of the Soviet Union, and food will come naturally.” A recurring slogan in this propaganda is: “Where is the help from Heaven now?” This cynical line of thought is not new. In the Soviet Union, a similar method was often employed: in large youth-nourishing institutions where children from Orthodox families were situated, the provision of meals would suddenly be stopped. After a day of the children being desperate with hunger, the caretakers would tell them: Pray to God and ask Him for food! A few hours later, they would ask the children: And did God give you food? Upon the children’s negation, they would say: Now ask Stalin for bread! Little Father Stalin, give us bread! The children would pray, and then good food would be brought in. – 18-8-44

The Propaganda Grammophone
Plays an old record
We’ve known it for years now
And we know well, it had

More success years ago
And back then it found belief.
It’s called: Stalin, the old rascal,
Wants to steal your faith.

And chaplain, bishop, and pastor,
Even the Holy Father,
They trembled and quaked before
The big red tomcat.

In Spain, it’s already known
And there, people are completely broken,
They crucify Pope Pius
And that within a few weeks.

A grand cinema will emerge
From the dome of Saint Peter,
The Vatican will be a brothel
And there will be an uproar,

Many images of the Virgin Mary
Will be trampled in the dirt,
The Reds are terribly wild
Banning every prayer

Banning every sacrament
And worship and baptisms
And whoever knows the Bolsheviks,
Will run away in time.

And whoever still goes to church,
Yes, they must endure hunger,
Prayer is a thorn in the eye
For the evil Stalin pagans.

As a faithful son of the church
You have nothing to eat today,
Because today only those are fed,
Who to Russian interests

Bow and swear on the Soviet star
As a new symbol
And Stalin as the supreme lord
On earth will be worshipped. –

The ones who mock and scorn sermon
Persecute and laugh at this
And who to Hitler as the new God
offered incense and sacrifices.

The ones who did parishes and chaplains
Imprison and kill
Who in dark delusion the swastika
Did always worship.

They’re now telling the Christendom
Of Stalin’s evil deeds,
And how in Italy he’s
Having priests roasted.

You should get goosebumps
Of horror and shiver,
How much you fear them
That’s what they want to cover up.

Post-Editing: Gerd Funke