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“The General Guderian”

Hit Song

“We will manage it.”
Generaloberst Guderian on the Eastern Front.
Of course, the numerical superiority of the Soviets worries us. But we will manage it. Our troops deliver astonishing performances. Their defensive and offensive spirit are exemplary. The offensive spirit can only come forward temporarily at certain points on the front, but there, in a very short time, it will create the ordered state.
Question: So there can apparently be no question that the decision in the war between Germany and the Soviet Union is not as the English claim?
We will take note of this British assertion. Nothing is more favorable for a warring party than that the enemy deceives himself. It is certain that the Soviets intend to overrun us. Equally certain is that their attacks bear more and more the stamp of an adventure, the closer they come to the territory of Germany and its allies. The overview I have of the situation and our further measures gives me the certainty that the current Soviet onslaught will not only be broken, but also that the Bolshevik invaders from all the areas they are currently devastating so brutally will be expelled. – 1-8-44

The heaviest blows of all
Are being absorbed,
He can’t tolerate that,
It’s definitely over soon

Yes, everyone wants to bet,
It’s soon done with him,
The Moffen can’t be saved,
NO!!! Said Guderian.

The General Guderian
Said: Hitler doesn’t live behind the moon
And he proclaims loudly:
Soon we’ll move forward again

And even the loyal Finns
Will soon cease the fight,
Because Hitler can’t win,
So it’s high time.

In Poland and Lithuania
And at the invasion front
It’s not bearable anymore,
But with a big mouth

General Guderian says
We’re far from living behind the moon
And he proclaims loudly:
Soon we‘ll move forward again.

And look, even the Turks,
They have already taken sides
Against the Nazi villains,
The Balkans will soon be free.

Despite such defeats
Only a fool claims
We will succeed
And we will become the masters.

The General Guderian, etc.

We will overcome it,
The world will be astound,
Believe who wants
Such as the general staff

Unless it’s Beck
For example Bodenschatz,
Whoever is not yet a fool,
Is stuck in a bind.

Final chorus:
And says: Mr. Guderian
What you’re telling will not work
It’s tough for you,
But Hitler is breaking down.

Post-Editing: Dr. Kurt Gerhard Funke