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Who’s Right?

Reichsmarschall Göring addressed the following speech to the Luftwaffe:
Comrades of the Air Force. An incredibly vile assassination attempt was carried out today by Colonel Count von Stauffenberg on behalf of a pitiful group of former generals who had to be driven away due to their equally cowardly and poor leadership. Our Führer was miraculously saved by the Almighty Providence. – July 21, 1944

It seems among your generals
The confidence in victory lacks
They don’t believe you’ll make it through
They don’t believe in any turning,
They don’t believe in Hitler’s mission,
Nor in his wondrous power too.

To them, Germany’s defeat is sealed
Bombproof and without query,
And fighting on is senseless,
One might still struggle for some weeks,
Yet truth can no longer be cheated,
No, gone is gone and away is away.

And every sacrifice is futile,
But Adolf speaks in lofty style
Of Germany’s resolute success
Which surely would be yours,
Despite all struggles, heavy scores,
And this mad war continue.

As victory for you is fading,
Might that what Adolf says still come true,
Today I wonder, who is right?
Should you trust the generals’ opinions,
Should you trust Adolf Hitler,
Who guides you well, who gives you bad advice?

The generals are experienced,
In military matters well versed,
Educated and quite skilled,
And Adolf’s just a mediocre painter,
And also a vain braggart,
Who led you in this war.

He acts quite grand and seemingly gigantic,
Yet he is only quite amateurish
The Third Reich’s principal.
But in the end, we must admit,
An expert must know for sure,
And the expert is – the general.

Post-Editing: Dr. Kurt Gerhard Funke