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Horse Races Forbidden

Horse Races Banned in Germany
Berlin, August 7th (S.P.T.). – As a consequence of total warfare, all horse racing events and harness races have been banned in Germany starting from August 5th. The race for the Brown Ribbon of Germany, scheduled for Sunday, did not take place. According to the official statement, this measure is in effect for a period of three months.

Goebbels is in dire straits
Everywhere he‘s falling short
And that’s why he‘s forbidden
Today also the … horse races.

It’s not a time today for gambling
Now that the Reich gambled away the war
Because almost everything is shattered
And the people are severely shocked.

It‘s not a time for elegance
And no time for a grand prix
He now requires the entire
Strength for the war industry.

It‘s not a time for harness races
And for colorful jockey amusements,
One must be busy like the bees
For the German war cause.

The tracks are deserted,
Every competition canceled
No more music and no banners,
Sobriety is applied.

Can one deny all this,
Every entertainment and any fun
It will be fine, time will tell,
But it seems to me at present:

Such races are not necessary,
I assert it shamelessly,
They are certainly unnecessary,
Now that the German army is running.

Post-Editing: Dr. Kurt Gerhard Funke