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Western Front Perspective

Berlin declares an operational battle of movement has developed, similar to the one fought in 1940 when the Germans conquered France. In this area, the main German countermeasures are directed at the open flanks of the relatively narrow American formations, which provide worthwile goals for German counterattacks. The goal of the American operations is, as openly stated by English and American intelligence, the occupation of Paris. However, it is noted in German military circles that the Allies still have many obstacles to overcome before they achieve this objective. – 10-8-44

Where is Paris? Paris is here!
We’ll point it out, we’ll take it
And you have taken it
And held it occupied for four years
But now, in the end, it’s become clear
It hasn’t served you well.

You’ve already lost Normandy,
Some Nazis ask: How can that be,
And can’t believe it
And Brest and Nantes and Saint Nazaire
And Rennes, you no longer have those,
Luck has abandoned you.

Hitler is a strong fortress,
But the Yankees are breaching it,
They have excellent tanks,
And they’re chasing you, it’s no fun
And nowadays many a
German infantrymen bite the dust

In the West, things go smoothly like never before
And Bretagne is lost,
It’s no longer to hold
And many stand silent with amazement
Like ‘40, but now the other way around,
Despite Adolf Hitler‘s reign.

Despite your magnificent Atlantic Wall,
Your army will soon surrender,
It‘s evident today,
Whether it‘s the Siegfried Line, the Maginot Line,
It’s the same, it’s the same
With all the fortifications.

And even if gnome Goebbels still lies,
You won’t hold out, you won’t hold out,
You won’t hold out much longer
It will get sultry for you, it will get bad too
And Paris will fall shortly,
I’m very concerned with you.

Post-Editing: Dr. Kurt Gerhard Funke