2nd volume, no. 42, Page 11
2nd volume, no. 42, Page 12

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A Peek at London

Normandy as well as Brittany
Are already fully liberated,
Wilhelmina of Orange
Is content and joyful.

And she tells her secretary,
Please be quick,
Make sure that everything is ready,
Because we’re going back very soon.

Yes, the war is coming to its end,
And we must leave soon,
Back to Noordeinde,
Back to our Palace.

And President Gerbrandy
Is equally delighted
With Brittany and Normandy
More than de Geer in Den Haag.

Who remains somehow trembling
Due to his blameworthy behavior,
Had he stayed in London,
He had no reason to complain.

And Minister van den Tempel
As well as Minister Albarda
Both are already
Pulling their things out of the drawer.

And they state somewhat boldly,
Though I believe it willingly:
Soon the government seat
Will be in The Hague again, as it used to be before.

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke