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“First Win, Then Travel!”

Why travel far?
The good is so close,
One plays cheerful tunes
On the harmonica.

Why travel far in crowded trains?
Roam the homeland fields with the Hohner harmonica

Why bother
In a crowded train,
No folks, let me tell you,
At home, there’s plenty

Of beauty to enjoy
You play the pretty song

And walk tirelessly

Through homeland meadows
And you’re very pleased,
Because now you can rely on,
That Hitler-Germany will win.

Everyone will understand,
How this method helps,
You have to restrain yourself
From using the train.

Gradually everyone realizes,
Even the biggest beast:
Germany’s wheels roll
Only for the German victory.

And blackbirds, thrushes, tits,
They sing in the bushes:
First win, then travel.
And abide by that!

Wheels must roll for victory! Therefore, you can’t get Winkelhausen in all parts of the Empire. – Winkelhausen

First win, then travel!
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Take a cold shower
And some air-raid sand
And think, instead of being at home
You’d be on the North Sea beach.

Take a few postcards
And look through the stereoscope
And dream of Hinterzarten,
Of Hotel de l’Europe,

Of Zurich, of Ostend,
Of Nice and the Nile,
Go on endless travels
In a colorful play,

In your deceptive fantasy
Forget the earthly sorrow
And forget Ley and Sauckel
And Hitler‘s glory

Forget the genocide
And your barbarity
Dream of the Nordic fjords
And dream of Hawaii too

Leave the rugged ground
Of harsh reality
And dream of the pagodas,
The ancient temples,

Go to the pyramids,
Of course, only in spirit
And dream that there would be peace
And that you travel again.

In some Nazi circles
They believe in your victory:
“First win, then travel!”
But you lose the war.

Post-Editing: Ernestine Kahn, Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig