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cover / introduction

German Tragicomedy

The Führer’s crazy clownery
Is ending rapidly
And more exhausted than ever before
Many stretch out their hands

Enthusiastically for the Hitler salute,
And swear to die for him,
Heroic death becomes a delight,
Even if the empire shatters,

You hold on, living in clover,
And remain loyal to him,
And perish with all hands,
And always let yourselves

Be enchanted by the Führer’s art,
You believe in his mission,
And believe in his delusions
Fanatically, full of blindness.

Yes, you’ve always taken
Adolf seriously,
As a godsent hero he
Came to you from heaven.

Who like Siegfried
Welded the sword Nothung anew,
You misunderstood Hitler’s fall
In the spirit of the Nibelungs,

He was comparable to Messiah
And prophet and Christ,
He sowed the Nazi seed,
The harvest are the corpses,

Lying everywhere on every front
In vast numbers,
He tried and failed
To conquer the whole world.

You saw him as savior and hero,
Awaited salvation,
And he brought you and the world
Poverty and decay.

You saw him as a shining figure,
The world thought otherwise,
It only saw the German leader
As a comical appearance.

The whole world considered him mad,
He tempted it to laugh,
You listened to him devotedly,
And thought: He’s going to make it.

The world was mistaken in him,
It admits it honestly today:
He wasn’t harmlessly deranged,
He was dangerous.

But you, you supported him,
In his mad activities.
His madness seemed smart to you,
It was indescribable.

You were intoxicated and infected
By his delusions,
A psychopath led you,
It’s over for you.

A political vagabond,
An audacious desperado
Managed the empire’s fate
And became your Mikado

And completely pumped you dry
Morally and economically,
And if it wasn’t so sad,
It would almost be comical.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig