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Seen Through!

From the other fortress zones in Brittany, only heavy artillery fire is reported, accompanied by new concentrations of American troops. The German air force defends itself well and not only manages to shoot down several Anglo-American fighters over the Norman battlefield but also to attack tanks and transport convoys. Otherwise, from the German reports, one does not get the impression that one can speak of a large-scale deployment of aircraft, as is the case with the opponent. Apparently, the military leadership does not yet see the time for its deployment as having come. – 15-8-44

On the Western Front today
Hardly a German plane is flying anymore,
Unlike four years ago,
For back then, there were many more.

Back then, it was Germany above everything
Lord and master in the skies,
Now remains a massive blunder,
Many a Kraut sighs now.

And he would most like to cry,
Gone is the glory, gone is the shine,
The entire air force has vanished
And every chance of victory.

When you now hear engines roar,
It‘s of the American
Or of the Tommies, who with bombs
Head to the German lines.

Or to bombard the “Homeland”
Every day and every night,
Those Nazi lords surely hadn’t thought
‘40 this would be the sight.

Down the drain, to the sharks
Is Germany’s air hegemony,
But they‘ll put a nice spin on it
With a Goebbels fantasy.

Why are there no Kraut
Planes yet on the Western Front?
Let the Führer have them gather dust
Before he deemed it necessary

That his air force would take part
In the very fierce fight?
You don‘t understand the problems
And the sense of his policy:

He has made the decision
And his will is the highest law:
The time has not yet come
For them to become activated.

So it’‘s not a gloomy sign,
And the leadership isn’t lax,
Keeping in these weeks
Germany‘s air force deceitfully back.

But I don’t have much trust
In the explanation that‘s given.
They’re probably being held back
Because they … don‘t have them anymore.

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman