2nd volume, no. 48, Page 10
2nd volume, no. 48, Page 11

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“Like a Knife Through Butter”

Blueband Margarine
Van den Bergh‘s Margarine
Blue Band

Like a knife through butter
Your enemies’ tanks cut through
Today like cannon fodder
Feels the German infantryman.

And retreat goes swiftly,
Faster than one could dream
Grohe and von Kluge flee
From foreign territories

Where are your German heroes,
Where are your German deeds,
For today’s papers report
Only of fleeing soldiers

And about abandoned positions,
Deserting allies
Who finally take to heels,
For you‘ve long been shot dead.

Yes, the Finns and Bulgarians
Still escape from the snares,
They let you go to hell,
Before they’d perish with you

And today you stand all alone
And you wait for the end,
You have no hope today
And there‘s no turnaround.

Without complaint, you bear suffering,
Here in the west, there in the east,
To the finish: Hitler pleasures
Savor it to the last.

Post-Editing: Gerd Funke