2nd volume, no. 48, Page 12
2nd volume, no. 48, Page 13

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The Person in Hiding Says Goodbye

(At the cover assembly)

My dearest God Neptune,
It‘s getting quite late,
One feels: it‘s very soon FINIS,
The person in hiding

is already preparing himself
For the imminent end
Of the underwater times,
You “Under” Watergod,

Will then soon lose
So many a ,
Because we soon chose
To enjoy the sunbeam

Of freedom.
Neptune, then goodbye!
After years of sitting
One goes up quickly.

The time of fear and hiding
Is almost over,
You really don‘t have to cry,
Neptune, only be glad,

That you’ll lose so many guests
Very soon,
You will then have less trouble
And more coziness.

I’ll gift you
A most beautiful portrait of me,
Then you can think of me,
As often as you wish, with joy,

Hold back, Mrs. Neptune,
Feel free to hold back your tears,
Your crying makes me cynical,
Beloved sea goddess,

The underwater life
You made very tough for us,
Because of you, it really took
Seven times longer for us.

But now it’s almost over,
The goal is – almost – reached,
It feels like today
One can already smell freedom.

Post-Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman