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Adolf‘s Monument Preservation

Town Hall in Leiden
Also, our volunteers (G.L./H.P.C.) are fighting for the preservation of these Dutch cultural values. – 11-1-44

Yes, a thorn in Stalin’s eyes
Is the Town Hall in Leiden,
And he will not tolerate it,
And he said, it must be reduced to rubble.

Yes, we must destroy it,
On to Leiden is the slogan,
Follow me, Bolshevik souls,
Leiden’s Town Hall, that is truly

The goal and target of our struggle,
And it must definitely be destroyed,
Bolsheviks, on to Leiden,
Said the Bolshevik God.

And it seemed almost incurable,
Almost seemed nothing could be done,
And in Germany, it was considered terrible,
And friend Adolf, he then

Quickly took under protection
This magnificent Renaissance building,
And Stalin’s dreams of destruction
Received a huge blow.

Our culture remains unscathed,
For this, Germany guarantees,
For this purpose was invented
Adolf’s Monument Conservation.

Friend, you can trust it
Everything is definitely okay,
Netherlands’ buildings are safe,
The NSB is the guard.

And one sees the results,
And one is happy about it,
Free from Stalin’s miscreants
They kept Middelburg’s Abbey.

Also free from Stalin’s hordes
Remained old Middelburg’s town hall,
It experienced protection
From friend Adolf’s swastika.

What? You say, they have gone,
Shot to pieces by the Krauts,
And the old Church of Rhenen
Was also turned into dust?

And then the Krauts present themselves
As saviors of culture?
Rotterdam was blown up,
The protection is is a bit expensive.

And we all wish, hope,
To be saved by these saviors,
If only it were over quickly,
And Leiden also relieved.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders