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To Die!

And finally, the Reichsführer S.S. and Minister of the Interior, Himmler, spoke. Himmler declared that there is no defeatism among the German people and that individual incidents in this regard are ruthlessly eradicated. Anyone who serves the enemy‘s cause and attacks the German people in their most severe struggle for survival by spreading defeatism and thus threatening the lives of all, must die as punishment for their deed and as a warning to others. All attempts by the enemy to overthrow us from within through treachery are doomed to fail; the opponent can be certain of that. – 9/10 43

To Die!
The shots of the firing squads may serve as a new warning to all those who, due to criminal disposition or mental delusion, might be obsessed with thoughts of political murder, robbery, sabotage, and other crimes. Cases like those of Verleum and those three policemen from Helder speak strongly to the imagination. That is why we have described these cases somewhat extensively. However, what ultimately matters is this: Europe now faces the decision of whether it will be a new and rejuvenated Europe in the future or a Soviet slave colony or an exploitation object for capitalist world rulers. This decision will be made with weapons. In the East, West, and South, Europe sacrifices the blood of its best sons to avert the threat of downfall. Anyone who intentionally seriously damages the military, moral, or economic strength of Europe from within and wishes to favor the enemy, is deserving of death: whether it is a weak person like Herwijnen or a beastly human like Verleum, or whether he seeks to prepare partisan warfare through communist activity, like Schalker and Ko Beuzemaker and their accomplices (See announcement in this newspaper.) or whether he is a saboteur like other persons listed on the same list, or a terrorist or an accomplice, whether he is named Ciano or Pronk, they are all deserving of death. – 14-1-44.

Whoever resists is to die
And they are even boasting about that,
Himmler has just recently declared,
Now no one will be spared.

Without pity and mercy,
I will destroy every harm
That can hinder our fight,
Everyone will suffer the death penalty

He who spreads bad tidings,
Or criticize the leadership,
Or starts telling lies,
That we cannot win this war.

Thus, the people fully understand,
That victory is assured,
Even if it may still take years,
All stand firm as walls,

Otherwise, one will lose one’s life,
And they don’t want to give that,
No one shows themselves as a defeatist,
The whole nation seems optimistic.

Opponents are to die,
They proudly write in newspapers,
And according to Himmler’s words,
They now pile up murder after murder.

And in the occupied countries
Men are now falling at the hands of Krauts
Who fight for freedom,
And confess their ideals.

And they call such things “condemning”
Arbitrariness, the law of the wicked,
Anxiously, they want to make us fearful,
So that we will eventually

Hang our heads low,
Himmler and his satellites,
Want to impose their blessings on us
Through terror.

Even though so much is forbidden
And they promise to kill us,
They will not enjoy it,
The resistance remains unbroken.

And in line with Himmler’s dictates
Is the spirit of the NSBer.
Today he incites in the newspaper,
Tomorrow he will be dealt with.

All his words and deeds,
Major and minor betrayals,
Have been noted down, recorded,
They will cost him his life soon.

For their wheeling and dealing
With the German Nazi henchmen,
For what they shout and scream,
And for their criminal aspirations.

Incitement, instigation, plotting,
Trying to curry favour with the Krauts
For Gestapo activities,
They will be compelled to step forward.

Then they will be quickly condemned,
And the verdict will be announced,
What does it say? Simple, splendid:
The traitor is to die.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders