Mr. Böllermann, a manufacturer
In remedies for flatulence,
Was facing a problem,
How should he name

His new-born daughter,
What name should he choose,
A name, Aryan and yet beautiful,
He was tormented by doubt

He thought long and hard,
And asked his little pastor:
Do I call her Edda Böllermann,
Do I call her Hannelörchen?

Ingeborg and Karin would
Also appeal to me racially
The choice of name fell hard on him,
For he was rather fanatical.

And Gudrun, Armgard, and Brunhilde
Seemed very suitable to him,
Embodied the Nordic, noble spirit,
That characterizes the true ethnicity

But then Mr. Pastor came to his aid,
Which I find quite charming,
On his advice, Böllermann calls
His little daughter: SIEGWINDE

Post-Editing: Marion Frankenhuis