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The Magic Aircraft

Aircraft of the Future.
Faster than the Speed of Sound.
In official English circles, the number of warnings about fantastically fast new German aircraft and a rapid escalation of the air war are increasing. The nervousness about this is clearly evident. The Times speaks of „new German aircraft that not only have tremendous speed, even greater than that of sound, but also possess a surprisingly high climbing capability.” The new aircraft are to be considered “formidable adversaries.“ In a main article, The Daily Sketch confronts those who have spread the fairy tale about “neutralizing the German air force.” The fact that at the moment the most advanced fighter types in the world, bearing the German swastika, are appearing in the European skies reveals the senselessness of these flippant talks. England should not underestimate the new inventions. The new German aircraft could well be the “aircraft of the future.“ Furthermore, the newspaper notes that modern German fighters are faster than the fastest English fighter planes. An English pilot stated,“ I have never seen anything this fast in my life, it‘s simply fantastic.” American pilots also declare that German air defense is becoming stronger. – October 31, 1944

When the V1 was still a novelty,
It was a big hit,
But today it’s crystal clear,
The result was meager.

Because still it’s looking grim for you,
And it’s getting worse by the day,
The big shots know very well,
A German victory will never come.

Now they’re bringing a new twist
To strengthen your courage,
The weal and woe of the German people
Depend on marvels

Of the German aircraft industry,
They fly so swiftly
And more rapidly than never before,
And nowhere else can you find

Such an aircraft in the world,
Only in the Third Reich,
As it cuts through the sky’s blue
There’s none like that.

The British are already getting nervous,
One can read it in their newspapers,
For the Yankees it’s bitter, too
They know the significance

Of the new German contraption,
It should not be underestimated,
The invasion was in vain,
One realizes with horror.

The new German aeroplane
Flies faster than sound,
And that’s why you don’t notice its approach,
Yes, if I’m not mistaken,

It’s wonderful where that leads,
The enemy hears the propeller,
Only long after it’s bombed,
No air-raid shelter helps.

The new miracle aircraft displays
The swastika on its wing,
They put their stamp of approval on it
So it causes fear and dread,

Yes, some enemy pilots
Are seized with terror and trembling,
The new miracle brings them death
And costs them their lives.

German superiority
In the air is newly won,
For England, it’s too late now,
They shout with full lungs

The aircraft flies like a ghost
Swift as an arrow in the enemy sky,
And it proves the might of Greater Germany,
The obsession with defeat,

That has captured many already,
Will surely now be rectified,
Because if you have such an aircraft,
Then you’ll be safe up high.

I hear the Nazi message already,
But I lack the belief,
It seems to me: This miracle dove
Is a great illusion

The German rule in the air
Is a lie and deception,
The German air force has fizzled out,
Despite Messerschmitt and Juncker.

A German aircraft today can hardly
Be seen in the sky anymore,
Whoever rejoices in the miracle aircraft,
Will fall on their back.

Post-Editing: Tom Rieke