2nd volume, no. 56, Page 4
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Hidden Birthday 1944

What should I commemorate on that day,
On which I was born,
No one may give me flowers,
From those people whom I know.

No one may congratulate,
No well-wish will be accepted,
Friends, let yourselves be advised
To save your cents.

His birthday may only be celebrated
By him who truly lives as well,
But those who tremble behind walls for years
For their empty lives,

They are truly not alive,
They feel themselves dead and not as human,
No flowers should be given to him,
And also no birthday wish.

Wait with such things,
For one day there will be peace,
And if we make it that far,
The suffering will be silent and so will the pain

That one has to endure now,
Free from pressure and foreign rule,
I will then happily and solemnly celebrate
My Re-birthday.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig