2nd volume, no. 58, Page 10
2nd volume, no. 58, Page 11

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The German National Emblem

German Nazi national emblem,
Eagle with swastika,
Adolf will achieve his goal,
That is logical, that is clear,

Though you‘re less German than Roman,
But in a short time, one will
Whether you‘re Sudeten-Bohemian,
Polish or Russian,

Surrender to the Reich,
It‘s part of the German Lebensraum,
All of Europe will know it,
There‘s hardly a way out.

The whole world bows its head
Before the German national emblem,
All enemies must yield,
Resistance is not allowed.

Resistance is quickly broken,
Those who refuse are quickly forced
To crawl swiftly to the swastika,
Otherwise, they‘ll get a beating.

And the emblem‘s wings
Spread in the East and West,
Every campaign will succeed,
That is firmly established.

Here in the South, there in the North,
The sovereignty eagle triumphs,
Yes, the world has become German,
Cheers to the crowd of Hitler’s friends.

An entire part of the world saw itself
In the claws of the Hitler eagle,
Terror reigns, horror reigns,
The Earth has transformed

Into a terrible hell.
Became a super-valley of sorrow,
Germany tortures and mistreats,
Plunders all countries bare,

And so the national emblem is known
Today throughout the world
As the German symbol of rawness
That torments all of humanity.

And the corpses pile up,
Mass murders everywhere,
Hitler‘s German national emblem:
Symbol of German lowness.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig