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The New Mayor

Mayor of Enschede, Genemuiden, and Hellendoorn.
Appointed by the Commissioner of the province of Overijssel, with effect from 1st November, as acting mayor of Enschede, Mr. W.R. Jager, with simultaneous withdrawal of the appointment to that position of Mr. J.W. Oonk, acting mayor of Haaksbergen; with effect from 1st November, as acting mayor of Genemuiden, Mr. E.W. Koster; with effect from 28th October, the appointment as acting mayor of Hellendoorn of Mr. van Dalen, acting mayor of Den Ham, was withdrawn. Appointed by the Representative in the province of Overijssel, with effect from 28th October, as mayor of Hellendoorn, Mr. M. Stevens. – 16-11-44

Our old city father,
Mr. Rückert has disappeared,
And they searched for a traitor,
Who could lend himself to a job.

To get such a job,
One must be a fascist,
Must bow to the Germans,
Swear by the Nazi dogmas.

But the German victory
Is no longer so certain today,
After the intoxication came the reflection,
And they now fear the avenger.

And they wish to risk nothing,
And they fear the consequences,
Fear that it will change soon,
And that the people will be angry then.

They will catch the official,
They will catch the mayor,
NSB-minded and Aryan,
And so they are somewhat more timid.

And so they are cautious,
Trying to hold back,
Yes, they became fearful and skittish,
And they are certainly not the same as before.

So many Enschede residents
Grieved without a mayor,
But now an NSB member came,
And is allowed to rule this city.

Yes, they finally found a worthy bearer
For this job,
And we see with joy:
Mr. Jager became the front-runner.

Dear citizens of Enschede, be
Happy about it, be content with it,
Because you have a mayor,
All your suffering is now over.

In our time of hunting people,
A Jager [German word for hunter] seems to fit well,
Yes, that will alleviate our suffering,
Admittedly, one cannot feast,

Admittedly, one cannot celebrate,
Because times are lean and meager,
But I can write a festive song,
And so I write: Long live Jager!

But such a wish will not achieve much,
Quickly, they will indeed bury Jager,
On his grave will be written:
Blessed Mayor.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig, Tom Rieke