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The Brit has no Talent …

The Brit has no talent,
The Brit is decadent,
The Brit is plutocratic,
The Brit is unsoldierly,
The Brit doesn‘t not enter the battlefield,
Because he prefers tranquility,

He is degenerate
And because he is,
He certainly won‘t conduct any war,
He is a foolish creature.

Mr. Ribbentrop says it,
And Adolf Hitler dares.
And has started the war
And he thought he already won it.
Then Ribbentrop says,
This is exactly like it would be

God‘s voice,
My God, what more could one want.
The Brit does not enter the battlefield,
Because he prefers tranquility.

The Brit is too comfortable,
That is very pleasant,
In everything I do,
I then have my peace.

I do what I want,
England will surely remain quiet,
Because England has aged,
In old nations, the vigor fades,
The life force withers away,
The Brit is without juice.

The German people are young,
With a daring leap
It will change the world,
Will become master in all lands.

That is its rightful claim,
Because England is weakened,
And the lion of Great Britain,
Is old and we are new,
The Third Reich wins,
Because we are the youngest.

But it was peculiar,
Britain‘s lion was
Much stronger than thought,
The enterprise brought

A different result,
The British soldier
Is truly not so bad,
That shows in the fight,
He will even bring victory
In this war soon.

Who underestimates others,
Will at last
Certainly draw the shorter straw,
With mere fantasies,
One will never achieve anything,
And like a fever,

The grand illusion subsides,
And one sees today already:
The Brits are not
Quite so decadent in the end.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig, Tom Rieke