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Reply to “de Rakker”

Nota Bene
if you had tracked down the perpetrators of the robbery at the Dutch Bank in Almelo and received the promised million as a reward for the information you provided. What would you do then with that money? Let‘s assume that you were paid the amount in the same way in which the bank robbers had looted a multiple of, so let‘s say in notes of 25 and 100. divided by half. Then, you could glue them together and turn it into a festive 3-km-long garland that would fan out your joy all over the city. And then you would still have some left, do the math! Of course, that would certainly be an astonishingly beautiful sight, but you would soon get bored with something like that. How would you take home those 25,000 notes? Pietje‘s school bag is definitely too small, and your rear tire too bad to fit the packet on the rack of your bike. You are of course, advised to save yourself the needless trouble and simply open a bank account, but you obviously want to see your wife’s reaction when you come home with a million guilders and, what’s more, count it at your leisure whether it’s correct. [… Part of the article is missing] in DE RAKKER. – 22-11-44

In Almelo, forty million
Taken by robbers,
And Rakker asks, what would you do
If you were to find out

Who committed this theft
And you received the reward?
What would I do? Well, dear diary,
No emperor and no king

Could compel me, in case I knew,
To betray the perpetrators,
Because, Rakker, I am not a fascist
And know that such deeds

To the detriment of the German power
To the detriment of the Krauts
Were devised by true heroes
And I feel deeply moved

By how cleverly they
Obtained the money underhand,
Whatever an NSBer is ranting and raving,
Such “robbers” I call heroes

I don‘t want a penny of traitor’s pay,
For those, who go into hiding,
In defiance of the Kraut, in mockery of the Kraut,
It’s they who’ll get a share of it.

Post-Editing: Marion Frankenhuis