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The Machines Keep Purring and Humming

Dr. Ley in the West.
Reich Organization Director Dr. Ley has returned from a visit to the Western front. However unbelievable it may seem, according to Dr. Ley, it is a fact that in the devastated cities of the Rhine and Ruhr area, hundreds of thousands of people are working and producing. The damage caused to factories is ridiculously small. Dr. Ley was able to conclude that there is no problem that Germany will not overcome. Through its enormous achievements, the German people know that they will be victorious in the end. – 4-12-44

Doctor Ley was recently in the West
And visited the front there
And therefore he seems the most qualified
To make an assessment.

And that‘s why you hear him say
That in the Rhine and Ruhr area
Despite the damage from terror bombings
All the people tirelessly

Work for the German arms industry
No matter how incredible it seems
And they produce good weapons
And you are mistaken if you think

That the industry was hit
And nearly went under,
Vain is the enemy‘s hope,
For the damage is minor.

In West Germany today, all
Wheels are turning for victory,
Everyone works hard
And that is why this war

Will surely be won by us
There is no doubt,
Churchill‘s plans have crumbled,
For the people are doing their duty.

The machines keep purring and humming
In unison, one, two, three,
Keep working, German worker bees,
Diligently for Herr Doctor Ley.

Work at Krupp and work at Thyssen
Work at Hoesch and Rheinmetall,
Our enemies should know,
That everywhere in Germany

Hitler loyalty and trust reign,
That this war will be won,
And that men, women
And the children are happy.

The machines keep purring and humming
In unison, one, two, three,
Germany must serve the Führer,
So wishes Doctor Ley,

But despite the humming of the machines
The mood is foul today
And you hear the people grumble
And that doesn‘t please Mr. Ley

Enemy tanks are drawing closer
To the Ruhr area,
Doctor Ley trembles before the Judge,
From whom he cannot escape.

The machines keep purring and humming
In unison, one, two, three,
Nazi-blood guilt will be atoned for,
Woe to you, Doctor Ley.

Post-Editing: Eleonore A. Speckens