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Pilot’s Chocolate?

“Pilots‘ Chocolate”
Recently, the Spanish press reported that an inexplicable insomnia had occurred among numerous residents of the Spanish coastal region. An investigation revealed that this peculiar pandemic was caused by the consumption of chocolate that had washed ashore as beach goods. This chocolate was intended for pilots and contained a substance meant to keep them awake during long reconnaissance flights. Crates full of this treat had drifted to the Spanish coast. – 9-2-1944

After the troops had marched in a parade, the commander declared, „British adventurers and pirates have stolen Gibraltar from us by bribing a corrupt government and taking advantage of betrayal and cowardice for their benefit. Currently, Gibraltar is a prize of the pirates. Fortunately, this will not be the case for long, as we will soon reclaim Gibraltar as part of the motherland.“ –1-3-1938

Spain, a “non-belligerent country.”
The Spanish official gazette publishes a decree regarding Spain‘s policy on the war in East Asia. It states that Spain, like in the previous phase of the conflict, maintains its position as a non-belligerent country. – 20-12-41.

However, a portion of the British press still shows boundless incomprehension. Ridiculous trivialities are conjured up to incite an agitation with unforeseeable consequences. In response to each of these sporadically recurring campaigns by the English press, Spain provides concrete evidence of its balanced neutrality. It is, in any case, desirable that foreign countries form a more objective judgment about Spain‘s neutrality policy and finally realize that Spain strives honestly to serve the community of nations with its neutral stance. – 29-1-44

Spain remains neutral.
Under the chairmanship of General Franco, the Spanish Council of Ministers convened yesterday. In an official statement, it is announced that the decision has been made to maintain Spain‘s neutrality. – 4-2-44

One sees the Spanish oranges
And also the Spanish mandarins
Unfortunately no longer appear in the Netherlands
For several years now

We miss these delicious fruits
And the refreshing liveliness of their juices,
Instead, we received as a replacement
Another Spanish product.

The Spanish flu is once again rampant
And many people have already passed away
It was delivered free to the door
And afflicts the Dutch regions.

In Spain, however, they do not experience
Any trouble with the flu, but one can read
That the Spanish state of health
Does not seem to be particularly good.

Lately, as one reads,
There has been a lot of insomnia cases
Many people suffer greatly
From this affliction

An investigation was carried out
The cause of the damage was analyzed
And they held responsible …
British pilot chocolate,

Which had recently washed up
On the Spanish shores as flotsam
And whoever had eaten from it
Would have to stay awake for days.

Truly, a splendid explanation,
Many were satisfied with it,
From the enjoyment of chocolate
They suffer of sleeplessness

But this official explanation
Found no favor in my eyes,
I believe they cannot sleep
But certainly not because of chocolate

We know, Franco has been
A friend of Hitler and a fascist for years
And now, due to recent events
He has become very pessimistic.

His words and deeds are known
And have not been forgotten
Thus, the Caudillo has recently
A guilty conscience.

He sees the shadows of the murdered
Marching past his bedside at night
And now feels how his own words
From the past turn against him.

He feels: no Englishman today
Believes in his neutrality
He feels the approach of retribution
And that took his sleep away.

The fact that Hitler is being defeated
His own cavalcade of crimes
That lies like a lump in his stomach
And not the British chocolate.