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The Resistance Movement

We resisted for years
Facing Kraut hordes,
Many countries became free
Finally from Nazi law.

Now they prefer to send us home
The wish of the native rulers
Is to govern as before
And they see it as a cross,

That the people do not wish to bear their old yoke
Just like in former times,
They see through the trick of the rulers
And, hardened by heavy blows,

They will not allow the past
To repeat itself,
They want to determine their own destiny,
For they have learned too much.

And they have experienced too much,
They will no longer be deceived,
Yes, a turning point in time
Is the goal they strive for.

What should have happened long ago
Is what they now insist on,
For they recognize: So many things
Belong to the old canker.

New Happiness for humanity
And find a new prosperity.
That is the goal, that’s why we must be broken
That’s why they want to disband us.

Papandrex, Pierlot
Would like to forbid us,
Yes, you can see it, best people,
Freedom is not given
A gift!

Today they still use us,
But as soon as it no longer fits their interest
They want to hang us
And get rid of us.

But we resist
Against pseudo-democrats,
And they fall into the trap,
And they fish in troubled waters.

Now that the fight has ignited,
It will be carried on,
And that is why we will
Eliminate all the old grievances.

And our struggle will not cease,
No, we will keep fighting,
Only struggle can lead to freedom
The movement has awakened!

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders