3rd volume, no. 1, Page 8
3rd volume, no. 1, Page 9

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What Will Happen?

How will the Führer‘s life film
Continue after this war?
Will he, like Emperor Wilhelm once did,
Purchase an estate abroad?

Of great scenic beauty,
A kind of replacement for Berchtesgaden,
In Sweden or in Switzerland,
Will he bathe in the sunlight

Will he live there as a retiree,
Perhaps saw trees like Wilhelm?
Will he play patience in the afternoons
With Goebbels and Darré?

If he loses the war,
Will they let him age in peace,
Hidden and protected
From the resentment of those who hate him?

Will they send him to St. Helena,
Just like Bonaparte once?
St. Helena is much too close,
A glance at the map shows us that.

What will they do, what can they do
With this bloodhound, this slimy one?
How can we get rid of this monster?
How about Siberia, for example?

But I dare not impose such a guest “of honor“
On the Russians anymore,
They’ve already had enough of a burden
And had to bleed enough.

How about Chayenne, then?
As everyone knows, pepper grows there!
As I know my readers,
They might see this as a strike.

Chayenne is unbearably hot
And well-known as Devil‘s Island,
Sweat would drip continuously
From Adolf‘s forehead

And gradually, he would melt
Into a small nothingness,
If Adolf were to disappear like this,
Then the flames of joy would rise high

What will happen? I don‘t know,
St. Helena? Chayenne? The hell?
I hope that on the Judgement Day
The right decision will be made.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig