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The Swastika Cossacks

The Third Reich lies almost in ruins,
And the mood is grim,
But in the Nazi zoo,
Many beasts are still found,

Yes, many beasts from many lands,
A huge variety,
They stand by Adolf Hitler’s side
And feel like Nazis.

Volunteers from East and West,
Dutch, Norwegians, Belgians,
They serve Hitler excellently
And want to exterminate those

Who are not Nazi minded
And refuse to bow down
To the German swastika regime
And Adolf Hitler’s whims.

In Adolf’s circus tent
There are still many we can’t get rid of easily,
For example … another regiment
Of genuine Don Cossacks.

Reconnaissance mission
The German squadron leader hands over the command to the Cossack lieutenant. Short, clear. They know each other and know they can rely on one another.

They are heavily anti-Soviet Russian
And anti-Bolshevik,
They come from the Caucasus
And I say damn it

That is definitely a huge setback
For Marshal Joseph Stalin
And also for his friend Molotov
I see it as somewhat fatal.

Hitler for the first time in three years,
Can launch an offensive,
With the Cossacks, he is ready,
With them, he will win.

Friend Adolf has a new hope,
The Swastika Cossacks,
Stalin flees from them,
They will weaken him.

They are placed under the command
Of German officers
And now, surely and quickly,
They will celebrate a victory.

Soon they will come like a whirlwind,
The Swastika Cossacks,
And they will, wherever they find them,
Capture the Bolsheviks.

A rough piece of wood? A rough wedge,
Russians are used against Russians,
The odds of war improve,
That certainly cannot fail.

They ride for Germany,
Although born as Russians,
They wield the sword for Hitler,
They have sworn loyalty to him.

And they fight faithfully to the death
Under the German colors,
Fiercely against Soviet Red,
How can something like this happen?

One wonders and would like to know
More detail about the case,
Finally, it turns out to be a low,
Vile bunch of traitors.

Just like the NSB here,
A group of Cossacks there
Participates in Hitler’s war efforts,
A mess of lab poop.

They have sold themselves to the swastika,
Enlisted as mercenaries,
But it wasn’t properly considered
No, they miscalculated.

So many Don Cossack scoundrels
Who have betrayed Russia,
Feel anxious and miserable,
And in their guts

They rumble like a whirlpool
Like never before,
They fear the hatred of the Russian people,
And see their game lost.

The world has seen through their game
And won’t be fooled,
Soon they will be shanked, like the Nazis
The Swastika Cossacks.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders