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Above-Water Finale of the O.W.C.

We brought to you the final sounds
of the Underwater Cabaret,
And will thank you for your attention,
Since with this it will be ending.

Yes, it finally will close,
We now resurface
And no longer feel like outcasts
And not as pressurized as Hiob

Today, we crawl toward the daylight,
Our hiding time is in the past, thank God
And we are happy and are contented,
Because we finally are free –

This is the O.W.C. Finale
We long expected this,
That sometime we would be brought to daylight
After these years’ fearful night.

We were quiet partisans
And empathized with the fight for justice
And today the banners are waving.
And this fight has – almost – ended.

They did not cut us down to size
Although they wanted to,
You see: Injustice does not bring a blessing,
Our dream of freedom did come true.

Today we breathe in freedom’s air
Delightedly and greedily,
We, recently still sighing,
find the present to our liking.

And hope, that those who were sadly
torn away from us, will return,
Whether this will happen? Time will tell.
Sometimes we‘re hopeful, sometimes sad.

After this time of cruel murders
Now comes a new melody,
Peaceful chords are coming,
There come prosperity and harmony

Now we will be building peace
And building a new era
Of charity and trust,
Of freedom and of justice.

Gone is the time of war and bombs,
Gone the wartime woe.
The OWC closes its columns
And says today forever:

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal