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cover / introduction

The Christmas Offensive

The German mood is muted,
Constant defeats
Don’t work in the long run,

No victory, no success
Like in times past,
The King Tigers, the SS,
The Blitz Warriors suffer.

Many serious defeats
And always having to withdraw,
Back, back one must steadily go,
The border was reached.

The war rages on German soil
Near Aachen and Saarbrücken,
That gives the Krauts much grief,
It simply won’t succeed.

Christmas is approaching, but there is
No peace on Earth yet,
In Germany, people don’t feel well,
For Adolf does not give a speech.

And people would love to hear him,
Because one would like to know:
Is Adolf still alive,has he been murdered
And torn apart

By the bomb attack in question
On that July day,
It is known: Adolf has remained silent since,
Why does he remain so quiet?

The German Christmas tree
Has remained almost bare,
So they searched for a new dream,
By what German life

To cheer up a but
In these winter days,
For Germany lacks good news
And is downhearted.

Things are getting pushed and pressed,
Germany is not lost,
No, even for Christmas
It received an offensive as gift.

Yes, an offensive was manufactured
With bombs and rockets,
And everyone says: Please,
Who can resist that?

No one expected from us
That we could still accomplish something like this,
It was night for Eisenhower,
And Churchill trembles in London.

In Luxembourg and also at Liège,
We have broken through,
And all Krauts think it’s great,
Finally, the breakthrough is achieved,

The greater breakthrough at Avranches,
After many hard challenges,
Germany finally wins a Manche
And will soon win the Rubber.

And all Krauts are hopeful
And sniffed new opportunities,
The enemies are withdrawing,
A reason to dance.

Very soon, Paris will fall,
It can already be heard today,
Soon, the flag with the swastika
Will wave from the Eiffel Tower again.

That is certainly no small matter,
Our army will reach there.
Berlin is in a state of joy,
And dreams of victories …

The joy does not last long,
It soon becomes clear,
It was just propaganda singing,
The chances are gone.

The winter offensive stalls,
And is already stuck,
Things are going wrong, going wrong,
There is nothing more to hope for.

They have exhausted their last strength
To cheer Germany up,
The people are already pessimistic again,
After a brief flicker

Is Germany now back in the pit
And can no longer be consoled,
The Christmas present does not save Germany,
In the West and in the East

The final battle of this war
Will soon erupt,
Then fascism will be eradicated,
With hands and teeth.

For many Krauts, grief and sorrow,
Fear and apprehension arise,
They sense that this winter offensive
Will likely be their last.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders