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I am the eternal Jew,
And stray from place to place,
I have no fixed residence,
Always on the move.

Mocked, pursued, beaten,
I always have to move on,
And must carry my burden,
What fate awaits me?

Where will a refuge await me,
A hospitable home,
Where I won’t be expelled,
Where they will not expose me

to hardships and dangers
That threaten me today,
This restless journey
disgusts me already.

Yet I will endure it,
And last but not least,
When Germany’s army is defeated,
And Hitler is buried

I will look how from the ruins
A new life will blossom,
How they atone for the blood guilt,
Strict and indefatigable.

I cannot be defeated,
No matter how hard you try,
You cannot bring me down,
Even if you ill-treat me,

You won’t achieve it,
You won’t break me,
The end will be your corpses
And the rubble of your cities.

What you have sworn to me,
Shall now befall you,
You have now lost yourself,
You will be eaten with skin and hair

By the war you started
and you unleashed,
You believed you had won,
But the blows that you gave

you will get back, with interest,
with interest and compound interest,
The Reich goes to waste,
Yet I rejoice.

Why should I mourn?
With joy, I blow the shawm,
It won’t be long,
Then I shall be free again.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders