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cover / introduction

OWC Transpirations

Even smaller size.
Due to the limited paper supply and the lack of new deliveries, we are compelled to restrict the size of our newspaper temporarily once again. As soon as we receive paper again, we hope to restore the format that has been maintained so far. – The Directors.Our aim will be to say a lot in few words. We will strive to maintain the versati¬lity, timeliness, and unique character of our publication through short news items and concise commentaries.  – The Editors.The dwarf-like size of the newspaper has several disadvantages. In the afternoon, one must carefully keep the door closed so that the Twentsch Nieuwsbladeke does not blow out of the house due to the draft. It can hardly be used to make two fake matches. The need for toilet paper is only covered to a very limited extent. However, there are also advantages. It fits perfectly within the halo of an oil lamp. In the daylight that is now as precious as time and money, it can be read in just a few minutes. It now resembles popular neighborhood newsletters, church announcements, and illegal pamphlets. The “Bans’’ has become a “Banske” but I assure you it will remain a newspaper until the last scrap! World news in a nutshell, a pocket-sized compass. Concise and to the point! Let this be the motto for my correspondents and occasional poets, please! And if, hopefully soon, we have more space, let us preserve this virtue of brevity and conciseness, born out of necessity, for you and us!  – De Rakker – 4-1-45
The “newspaper” becomes microscopic small,
There’s almost nothing in it,
I only receive it three times a week,
That’s not what I like.Such a scrap of paper does not
Provide me with enough material,
The choices such a newspaper offers
Are extremely minimal.Finally, the OWC is almost
Running out of things to talk about.
Can I continue until peace?
Am I capableOf keeping the
Underwater Cabaret going?
I have continued it for so long
– is it now going down the drain?

I wonder, if it disappeared,
Would it be a literary loss?
And would the reader find it mean
To have to gradually do

Without the OWC
In the future?
I can already hear him saying: Damn!
Yes, my subscriber,

I heard it clearly
And feel somewhat hurt
And feel somewhat annoyed,
But whoever thinks

That I draw my consequences
And close my editorial office,
They are mistaken, although it may seem strange,
I won’t quit.

Although I don’t hear any news
And despite the “lack of material,”
I continue with the poems
And will not keep my mouth shut.

I write you a song with my pen,
The song of this time.
Unfortunately, it’s not poetic,
It’s a song of struggle,

It’s a song full of bitterness,
But at the same time, of hope,
After this time, another time will come,
The world continues on its course.

The earth is constantly turning;
We spin with it,
And what was above today,
Will collapse tomorrow.

The power of brute arbitrariness,
Which still reigns today,
Will not no longer exist,
Freedom triumphs.

We are currently at rock bottom
And exposed to despair,
But Hitler, who sent this desaster,
Might die tomorrow.

And then we will be on top
And think it’s okay,
When that happens, I’ll stop
The OWC naturally.

Until that day, I beg you
To kindly allow me
To continue with this kind
of war “poetry.”

I try to keep
The courage as much as I can,
I’m still humorous according to plan,
And I hope to win.

Admittedly, the smile
Is a bit difficult today,
Life gets too hard for me sometimes,
And sometimes it seems like a punishment,

But the OWC keeps me working
And therefore gives me a lot,
It keeps me fit, it keeps me strong,
It maintains my morale.

The OWCs are gymnastics,
Preservation for the soul and mind,
And I just hope that my audience
Reads them with pleasure.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders