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German Victories

South of Weissenburg, the Germans have broken through the Maginot Line at several new locations. From Ingolsheim, they are making significant advances in the south and southwest direction. In the area of Strasbourg, the situation for the Americans is becoming serious. At Rheinau and Friedeman, the Germans, in an attack that completely surprised the Gaullists, have torn open the French front along a wide front.

Breakthrough in Hungary.
Between Lake Balaton and the Danube, the German troops have launched an attack that completely caught the Bolsheviks by surprise. Across a significant width, the Germans broke through the Soviet front towards the Danube, gaining a 40 km deep territorial advance. Many Soviet divisions surrendered, and the spoils are immeasurable. The attack continues.

In brief.
Hemmen, northwest of Nijmegen and south of Nijmegen, which we reported as being captured by the Canadians in recent days, is once again in German hands.

Today the Gazette reports
Only German victories
Some villages, some cities
Are conquered, yes, one would bear

Again the German flags
Advancing on various fronts
And one can almost sense:
What the English couldn’t do

And the Russians didn’t achieve,
The Germans are now accomplishing,
For they beat them black and blue,
They enemies are omnipresent

At the Saar and along the Rhine
And in the land of the Magyars
They make the enemies flee
Unfortunately, we must learn

That the past six years
Did not weaken Germany,
But rather that wondrous
Forces recently awakened in the Reich.

Whether the whole world is united
Fighting against Nazi Germany,
It doesn’t matter, the opponent finds
Hitler’s Germany prepared.

Yes, the advance stalled,
Germany stands like a wall,
That’s why, very perplexed,
Mr. Eisenhower scratches his locks.

Marshal Stalin chews sheepishly
On a dry breakfast roll,
For the blessing rests on Hitler,
And a curse hangs over the Kremlin.

Nowhere does the enemy progress today,
Be it in the east, west, or south,
And that cheers up the Germans,
They are joyful and content,

Feeling reborn,
Because now they know for sure,
England, Russia are defeated,
Yankees, Englishmen, and Russians

Must bow their necks,
Must admit defeat,
And we will show them,
Yes, they will experience something.

German men, German women
Now know after such victories:
Cities lying in ruins,
The enemy must rebuild for us.

The suffered defeats
And the blows inflicted upon us
Weigh heavily on us,
Yes, the enemy must pay soon.

But I think it would be worthwhile,
If I am not greatly mistaken,
To spare ourselves for now,
For they are just … newspaper victories.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders