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Hitler‘s English SS

In Glogau in Upper Silesia, there is a large British prisoner-of-war camp. Or I should say, there was. Because a few days ago, Soviet troops approached this camp, and the following took place. As the Germans had enough to do with their own people and belongings, they informed the English camp commander that they wanted to leave the camp to the care of their Bolshevik allies. The camp commander strongly protested against this, and after a quick consultation with the prisoners, they unanimously requested to be taken behind the German lines. Furthermore, under the impression of this event, 40 English officers and a number of soldiers volunteered to fight against the Bolsheviks in the German ranks! – 3-2-45

At Glogau in the German land
Many a Briton was sitting
And today I read in the newspaper,
How recently, when those Britons

Learned that their ally,
The Bolshevik, would come
They said: ‘Better off dead’,
And how without hesitation

They quickly asked the Krauts,
To take them along,
They succeeded in doing so
And thus they were very pleased.

Almost every Tommy today
Prefers the Krauts‘
Prisoner-of-war camp, he likes it there,
He has it so good.

But many a Tommy is filled with resentment,
He hates those red Russians,
Do not think I am joking,
His anger cannot be extinguished.

He is filled with disgust and hatred
For Stalin‘s red hordes
And that is why he wants to become
Soldier for Adolf Hitler.

He asked if it would be allowed,
He didn‘t want to be left behind,
And he begged and requested,
To be enlisted.

So that under the German flag
He could fight the Russians,
And Adolf Hitler said: It is allowed!
For along time that had been

A delight of many Germans,
They read with pleasure,
How British soldiers and officers
Carried German weapons.

Friend Dolf designed a uniform
And in those stylish clothes
Tommy helps to stop the red storm,
The red flood.

The British with their bearskin hats,
That is scary,
And many a Russian is bewildered,
The evil Bolsheviks

See how their British comrades-in-arms
Conspire with Germany
Despite Winston Churchill‘s course
And Joseph Stalin‘s plans.

Very soon, that might lead
To severe complications
For Winston‘s friendship with Stalin
And their relationship

Will worsen and be disrupted,
One might expect,
That Stalin will kill Churchill soon
And all British forces

Will join forces with Germany afterward,
Then Bolshevism
Will definitely and surely go up in smoke,
German optimism.

As a result of this success,
Is almost at a high point,
The Tommies will soon become SS,
It is a setback for Stalin.

With many a Briton and many a Scot
In tartan skirts,
They will quickly destroy the Russians,
And Stalin will go down the drain.

A Scot will play the Horst-Wessel Song
On his bagpipes,
The enemy will not survive that,
The Russian scoundrels

Will quickly acknowledge their defeat
And surrender,
The Krauts want that eagerly,
But … they will not experience it.

They wish to see the Russians under the knife
And wish to turn all of London into rubble,
And they have invented the English SS
As a wishful dream.

Originating from friend Goebbels‘ mind,
Twisted and distorted,
It will be one of the very last
Of Goebbels‘ lying leaps.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal