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Spring arrived, the heavens turn bluer,
It’s getting busy in the sky,
The spring birds of friend Eisenhower
Are causing quite a lot of noise.

Spring arrived, Worms, Mainz have yet been seized,
At Wezel hangs a cloud of smoke
And I look at the budding trees,
Will there really soon be peace?

Spring arrived, I see the crocus blooming,
Many a birds sings its song,
We hear the sirens going daily,
This is not true Spring.

Spring arrived, and yet we still are trapped,
And still remaining in the house,
Spring arrived, we wait with longing,
And get a little crazy now and then.

Spring arrived, we are awaiting that very soon
Freedom will be brought to us
Today we heard her, slightly buzzing:
She’s carrying a load of bombs.

Freedom is coming, it won’t be long,
Anxiously, we’re looking to the Rhine,
Spring may be celebrated in freedom,
Only that will be true Spring.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal