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“Come and see!”

In the name of the German Wehrmacht and their allied European forces
We solemnly and officially invite
General Dwight J. Eisenhower
Commander in Chief of the United Nations forces
to appoint a delegation composed from six to ten officers NCOs or enlisted men with their own interpreters, chosen among the British, American, French or Canadian forces fighting on the western front – with the sole exception of General Spaatz, Knight of The White Feather and The Yellow Heart – and to send this delegation inside the German lines. They will be transported by the quickest possible means to the Stuhlweissenburg area of Hungary, where they may remain for any length of time they choose, up to a week, and speak in absolute freedom with the civilian victims of the Bolsjeviks. They will then be returned safe and sound to the Allied lines.

With the German wonder weapons,
It seems impossible to succeed,
Defeats everywhere,
Russians, Tommies, Yankees beating

Your army on all fronts.
Even V1 and V2 couldn’t
Bring salvation to Hitler,
Ultimate victory cannot be forced,

Not even by the hand grenades,
Goebbels, tired and worn,
Seeks, in spirit,
A different method.

Often he managed it,
Deceiving Germany
Some swindle, some lie
About the imminent victory,

About the quite close peace,
About the extremely battle-weary
Poor troops of your enemies.
In the swastika community,

He found faithful trust,
One can rely on the Führer,
One must believe in the Führer,
Don‘t let faith be stolen from you,

Even if sometimes things go awry,
In the end, we will see,
Germany has won the war,
That the evil enemy began.

But at the beautiful Rhine
And in the East, a small
Change in German opinion
Is clearly emerging today.

Because one sees many defeats,
Extremely severe and not for the faint-hearted,
Cologne and Aachen, Worms and Speyer,
Until the Russians’ entry celebration

In Berlin, it won’t be long,
Goebbels is writing to Eisenhower,
I take the liberty, Your Grace,
Most politely to invite you,

To possibly convince oneself
In person or to send people
Who will then see how Bolsheviks
Are residing among

The poor Hungarians,
It’s a shame and a horror,
How the Russians torture people,
Many a Hungarian can tell,

They experienced firsthand
The cruelty of the Russian mobs,
The barbarism of the red hordes,
Today they are free once again

Thanks to their German brothers-in-arms,
Whose loyalty they reciprocate,
They want to provide a report
About what the Russians have done.

The Bolshevik atrocities in the Stuhlweissenburg area of Hungary were so bestial that we perhaps would have hesitated to believe it ourselves, had we not seen them with our own eyes and heard [from the] lips of the victims. So we don’t ask you to believe the Red Cross, nor to believe officials, nor to believe the Neutrals wo have been there, [nor to believe the] American Prisoners of War, who we asked to go down [there on inspection]. We say: Come and see for yourselves.

If one hears it, it sends a shiver down the spine.
That‘s why I ask you, Eisenhower,
Send me your people,
Send them as soon as possible,

Or at the very latest tomorrow.
And I will ensure
That you are received hospitably
And security is obtained

Whether you would have to end
The alliance with the Bolsheviks.
The most terrible atrocities
Of Stalin’s Soviet soldiers

Outshine everything else.
And one cannot afford
To remain their ally
In such vile behavior.

General Dwight Eisenhower,
Pain and sorrow fill me
When I see you today as a friend
Of the Bolsheviks.

It would be better if we became friends
And together we would defeat
Soviet Russia.
That will bring blessings to both of us.

Eisenhower read the letter,
Struggled to remain serious,
Then said: The atrocities
Of Himmler’s SS soldiers

Outshine everything else,
But the poor victims
Had nothing more to tell
About how the Germans torture, torment,

How the Hitlerian hordes
Rob, defile, plunder, murder,
No, they had nothing to say,
Because they were … slain.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal