3rd volume, no. 13, Page 8
3rd volume, no. 13, Page 9

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The Easter Bunny at the Fortune Teller’s

The Easter Bunny felt cheated
and visited a fortune teller,
who was nursing her ersatz drink.
The Easter Bunny asked, please tell me,
Will everybody get their egg next year?

These past few years, things were amiss,
Because there‘re barely any Easter eggs,
Eggs are scarce and expensive,
People are sent on a wild-goose chase

And still can’t gather them,
How will this be next year,
Will I deliver eggs again,
in all shapes and colors? –

The fortune teller said: Friend, I see
an ending to the tyranny,
an ending to the reign of terror,
In the coming year, good friend,

Then there’s no scarcity of eggs,
But eggs galore, and for the choosing,
from chickens and made of candy,
And you’ll have work aplenty,
Since you have to deliver them. –

Friend Easter Bunny said: I will be busy,
I find that very fortunate,
This idleness I do not like,
I have a heavy heart because of it
And if that does not shortly stop,
I fear, that I’ll … go down the rabbit hole.

But the fortune teller said: I predict
The future and I know, this hell,
That reigns right now, will not be long,
Therefore, dear Easter Bunny, do not fear,
Go home with peace of mind,
Down the rabbit hole will go … the swastika.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal