1st volume, no. 3, Page 13
1st volume, no. 3, Page 14

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Freedom Song

Despite injustice and oppression
Despite cruel, cunning tyranny
Despite defeats and failures
The melody of freedom sounds.Sunbeam, break through the clouds
An bring joy in our hearts
All nations wish peace, freedom,
Death to those who defy this wish

Let despots still laugh out
Rejoice in our need
Our flags wave blood-red
And we bring them death.

And we follow our flags.
Full of enthusiasm, we fight our battle
Even if they urge us to rest,
We are not ready to rest.

No, they will not make us sleep
No, that time is over now,
An awakened people reach for their weapons
And for their right and fight their way out.


Many sacrifices have been made
Many fellow fighters have been murdered
But in our hearts resonate
The freedom’s song and freedom’s word.

Even weaklings chatter
And lament and tremble,
Heroes, you did not die in vain
And the spirit of freedom lives:


Comrades, let us swear,
Swear it all with clenched fists,
That we will reverse misery and injustice,
Even if we are now vilified,

One day the world will understand
The meaning and essence of our fight
Our seed will then bear fruit
And humanity will be liberated.


Post-Editing: Robert Saunders