1st volume, no. 3, Page 7
1st volume, no. 3, Page 8

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Italy Awakens

Since Benito resigned defenceless,
It is repeated in the newspaper every day,
Italy keeps its word, there is fighting,
Even if the whole country goes to hell.

Like a nutcracker from the cluttered attic,
They bring Victor Emanuel now,
A substitute for fascist lunacy,
He is the new idol, was decided.

The old ghost is being petched up,
Shown to the war-weary people,
Does it bring new intoxication to those who are hungover,
The question is whether it‘s worth the effort.

The people, sobered by the old slogans,
Don‘t get fooled by new deception,
The war trumpet has been blown long enough,
Benito did it, Badoglio still does.

And the people are told about unity,
Fascists should definitely be left alone,
They liked to keep people dumb and blind,
So, they don‘t become aware of their strength.

Italy‘s people don‘t believe in those tirades,
That they must now rally around the crown,
Italians, fight on the barricades
And wipe the country clean of fascism.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders